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The Agorers is a non-profit beat-em-up for the ZX Spectrum 48K.. one of the blandest beat-em-up the speccy has seen in decades to be honest..

This is in part a parody and in part a draw of attention on what's going on in the world: an upcoming scenario of global scarcity and financial crisis.

It is based on real life characters.. who I hope don't sue me!

.. And it supports two players simultaneously! (Kempston joystick required for that)

There are three types of attack:

Punch: Just press fire.

Backwards punch:  Press fire and the opposite direction your are facing at the same time.

Flying kick: Press fire and up at the same time. You have to be very precise in order for it to work.

Standard keys are QAOP - Spc but you may use a Kempston Joystick or redefine the keys.

Said that, the goal is simple: Make it through hordes of upset people who don't accept what's happening.

Have fun!

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Tags2D, 8-Bit, Beat 'em up, Retro, Two Player, ZX Spectrum


Agorers.tap 28 kB

Install instructions

Load on your favorite emulator (must support .tap format) or on real hardware typing LOAD ""


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Nice game, thank you. I also added it to my November's new ZX Spectrum games video too.

Nice lttle game !

Thank you.

Nice game!

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