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inding of BaasIc is a "The Binding of Isaac" demake for spectrum 48k, etirely written in ZX Basic.

The goal is to beat all bosses of all 8 levels. In order to achieve that you must explore the dungeon and if possible get as many powerups as you can.

Dungeons are randomly created so each game will be different.

Controls are:

WASD: move (up, left, right, down)

IJKL: shoot (up, left, right, down)

B: place bomb (explodes shortly after)

You may choose reverse controls if you prefer (thar is, IJKL to move, WASD to shoot)

This demake has been crated non-profit. The original game was created by Edmund McMillen and Himsl Florian. If you like this game please consider suporting them by trying and / or buying their software.

UPDATE: Now available a "simplified control edition" - BaasIcSC: Just QAOP, shoot and bomb. Kempston joystick is also supported.


BaasIc.tap 44 kB
BaasIcSC.tap 44 kB

Install instructions

Load on your favorite emulator (must support .tap format) or on real hardware typing LOAD "". It must run on 48k mode!


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Amazeballs, this is actually a fun Issac with the proper Isaac vibe on the speccy! I enjoyed it very much — at least right up to the 3rd floor boss that throws the spiders and lags everything to a near halt. Loved the speccy-esque gold room items!

Absolutely insane, you actually managed to recreate Isaac on a ZX Spectrum! Devs are really going crazy these days

Nice game! I don´t know the original one but I found this very fun and challenging. Randomize is also a good point, makes it more replayable. I read some people complainting about the controls, maybe you could include a redefine key option. IMO the control is not a problem.


Hello and thanks for the comments!

Regarding the controls, the game is meant to be played the same way as the original. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be appropiate for some players. Almost all of the memory is in use in this game so it's practically impossible to include a different key scheme or a redefine keys option but I may consider releasing a version with simplified controls.

Best regards!